Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE Trip, Moving On, But, Where To??

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Tomorrow AM Man and I will take leave of the LaQuinta California area.  He is leaving with much pained screaming and moaning, Man really loves it here.

The general plan is that at this point we will start reading "East" on the highways and biways, whereas we have been reading and heading "West" since we left SE Michigan in mid November.

That said, we are not quite sure where we will land tomorrow night.  It will depend on Mother Nature and somewhat on Tana and her holding tanks.  Jury is still out, but, we may have a slight leak in one of the waste tanks, what they call the gray tank.  Thankfully, it is NOT the, mmmm, black water tank, which holds just what you think it holds.  Hey, it has to go somewhere, eh??? (The gray by the way is from the shower and the bathroom sink.)

So, when we hook up in the AM we will be watching for any leaks.

If it does NOT leak, we are leaning towards stopping around the Salton Sea for a spell, and even those plans are not clear, full hookups??  boondocking??  It will all depend on availability and our moods at the time.

If it does leak, well, stay tuned, we shall let you know what we decide.

If, we stop at the Salton Sea, we may or may not have phone service and/or Internet.  Course, the last time I said that, we had the fastest connection ever, out in the middle of the Quartzsite desert, who knew??  So, maybe the Salton Sea will be good too.

So, as usual, we don't know where we are going, how long we will stay or if we will or will not have connectivity.  I told ya this trip was to stretch our comfort zones - - -

If you don't hear from us, try to visualize Tana sitting by the Salton Sea, communicating with God and his lovely creatures.

The Salton Sea, on a cloudy February day.
Even cloudy works for me!



IrishEyesJG said...

Hope all's well with the gray tank. Enjoy the Salton Sea if that be where you stop. Above all Travel Safe! Cheers, Jennifer.

Ron and Thelma said...

Last year when we were in Gulf Shores our grey tank leaked Finally found someone to come out. It was leaking where the seam is. They Reglued it or melted it whichever it is called and then put 2x4 braceing under it from one side of trailer to other. They said it was too much pressure with no support under it. So far so good