Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE Trip, Pioneertown, California, Joshua Tree, Map

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Thank you for your comment/question about where is Pioneertown.

Here is a map I prepared after we did our day trip, about 195 miles of laughter, fun, awe, and more.

Future posts here at Reflections will chat about Joshua Tree National Park, or will show you, via several of my photos.  Again, took way too many photos, naturally.  Can you have too many photos??  NAHHH!!

The map is a bit confusing.  Under number 10 is number 1, our start point.

Number 2 is Pioneertown, the name does not appear.  It is about 4 miles off of 62.

We left LaQuinta area, drove I 10 west to 62.  Took that north to Pioneertown (number 2).  After our short visit there we drove over to Joshua Tree National Park visitor's center (number 3).  Out to Keys View (number 4), on to Twentynine Palms (number 7).  We then went back to Joshua Tree (town- number 8- had to force the route on Microsoft Streets and Trips with these numbers).  We returned back to LaQuinta by retracing our route (except no detour to Pioneertown), thru Morongo (number 9).  Jumped back on I 10 going east and finally after a long ride and lots o fun, back to camp at number 10.

Got that??  I am sure you do!  LOL  (Map should appear a little larger if you click on it.)

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