Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fussin' My Way to Mabel

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The other night I was tired.  I had suffered from a headache a good part of the day.  I was whooped.  I should have gone to zzzz land, but, I was reluctant to cave into the zzzz land, and for no good reason, I may point out.  So instead of hitting the zzzz land, I decided to start "fussin" with my data base.  Actually, I started by typing up a very interesting article I found on one of the Lashbrook boys, back before 1900.  The story has to do with eagles, I am still trying to figure out why??  and may share with you later, but I digress (AGAIN!  LOL)

So, I typed up this article, and in the process I noted that I had a lot of death index dates on this family, state of Washington, indexed from the FamilySearch site and other sites, some of those indexing notes include film numbers from Salt Lake.  As part of THE trip includes (or is supposed to include) a stop at Salt Lake I decided to make some "to do" notes and get copies of those documents while I am there.

One thing led to another, I wandered into and out of several free web sites that have information on the state of Washington.

And, as frequently happens when I am tired and fussin and wandering in and out, with not a research plan in sight, I fell into another news article.  I guess the genie angels were guiding me and helped me type in the right name in the right search engine.  Yea, that's the research plan, ask the genie angels for help.

Anyway - - - - -

WAHOOO, I found an announcement for a  marriage for Mabel Rosetta Lashbrook Easton (a widow).  I had suspected she had remarried for years.  I JUST KNEW IT!  LOL

What Followed was a furry of fussin'.

I ended up with 2 marriage record images, a marriage announcement news article and an obituary notice for her.

Ya, I fussed my way to Mabel, otherwise known as researching from a brain fog!  Kinda amazing how some of my brick walls come breaking down that way, fussin', crash, boom!

* Images courtesy of the Washington State Archives Digital Archives.  (Click on them to see larger versions of the graphic.)


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Woohoo Carol, great brain fog stumble! I just love when that happens!

Nolichucky Roots said...

Almost makes that headache worthwhile! Sometimes you just gotta see where the tides - or winds - take you. Great job!

Barbara Poole said...

Good for you, wow, heck with the headache. You must be thrilled, considering you were just using a free site for Washington had what you needed. Really glad, now you can move on to something else.

a3Genealogy, Kathleen Brandt said...

Fun read...congrats on the break through...but does your genie angel come with a twine. Please send me a genie angel!