Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE Trip, Palm Springs Tram Ride, Palm Springs, California, Up, Up And Away

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I took about 250 photos during our day trip on the Palm Springs Tram, here are some:

Sign indicating things to come!
OK, this doesn't look too ominous.
THE Tickets, below, read the fine print.
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Up we go - - 
Looking down at the Palm Springs and valley area.
Sheer rock, yep, a bit close, and photos just cannot capture this.
(Not at 21 mph and through semi-dirty windows of tram, anyway.)
Getting closer to the top, starting to see snow.

A close up view of the towers and hardware.
Way way way down there is Palm Springs,
very hard to see, eh??  Cause we are up HIGH!
My next post will cover the visit at the top of Mount San Jacinto, some special sunset photos and the night time trip back to the Valley Station. So come on back soon for the final installment of THE Trip, Palm Springs Tram Ride.



Grandma MG said...

Awesome! Thank you for these amazing pictures!!!

hummer said...

Okay, I was feeling for you before, I am REALLY feeling for you now. Oh wow. I hate looking down.

Myrna said...

Really a great photo shoot. You may have been out of your comfort zone, but you took advantage of it...