Saturday, February 19, 2011

THE Trip, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, California, The Drive In

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I'll be bringing you more of our hike at the Indian Canyons in another post, coming as soon as I can, I promise.

But, first, three photos of hazards faced while just driving in.  (Presented with a little bit of fun and craziness.  Man never can figure out why I take some of the photos I do, well, this is why!  At least by the time we were leaving the canyon he was 'into' the thought process and even suggested I try to get a photo of Big Butt leaving, see photo # 3).

First, we got a huge surprise when we came upon this:

We are supposed to drive Big Butt through THIS??  You are kidding right??  Nope, they are NOT kidding.

So, Man kept going, and just as we were wiggling through, I shot this out the window, shooting backwards, to show how close it really was, he really thought I had lost it by now!  LOL

See Big Butt's rear wheel fenders??  It felt closer than it really was, as you can tell from this photo taken on our departure from the canyons:

Yep, Carol is partially crazy, but, admit it, it is kinda fun, eh??

And, now, back to our regularly scheduled blog posts.



Nolichucky Roots said...

Off to buy a MiniCooper for my next drive....

Nita said...

Glad Big Butt made it through, ok! Looks like there was plenty of room judging by that last photo. However, it sure had the illusion of being a very tight squeese! Good job Man, and nice photos Carol!

PalmsRV said...

To steal a line from the movie Couch Trip
"There's worse thing than being crazy"

Greta Koehl said...

Since I'm a bit claustrophobic, even going through that in our van would probably have had me sweating...