Saturday, February 12, 2011

THE Trip, Joshua Tree National Park, Keys View

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On our day trip to the Joshua Tree National Park we stopped at the Visitor's Center for maps and advice and suggestions of the "must sees".  When asked, what is the one thing we just should not miss, the rapid response, was Keys View.  There was no hesitation as the ranger quickly circled it on our map.

Larger RVs are not allowed up to Keys View, but, Big Butt did just fine, barely fitting in the narrow lanes, but "barely" was enough.

Keys View is at an elevation of 5185 feet.  You look down into the Coachella Valley, the Indio Hills, and the San Andreas Fault (yes, the real thing), you can even see the Salton Sea some 35 miles away.

In my opinion, we were in the park on a rather clear day, well, compared to the next day, it was clear .  One of the signs along the walkways discussed haze.  My camera picked up haze and the following photos have been "edited" a bit to try and bring you better images.  There, that is my disclaimer.  (Remember the trick of clicking on the photo for a larger view, then, clicking on your browser's back button to return to Reflections.)

The view when you arrive at Keys View, 5185 feet.
There are in the distance two mountain tops covered
in snow.  The one to the far left of the photo is Mount
San Jacinto.  To the right is San Gorgonio Mountain.
Ya I know, they are a bit difficult to pick out, they
were in person as well, due to that haze.

San Gorgonia Mountain, with some snow cover, at 11,485 feet,
the tallest point in southern California.
The light area just above the mountain tops is the Salton Sea.
The Salton Sea is 35 miles from here, is about 35 miles long
and 15 miles wide.
Down in the valley, is Palm Springs and the San Andreas Fault.
The fault is about mid photo, see that long darker line,
right about there.  Again, haze interferes with the photos.
Despite the slight haze, it was well worth the drive up the Keys View.  It was windy up there!  I was glad for my sweatshirt and I pulled the tie on my hat real tight!  LOL  It was cool and windy enough that we did not spend a tremendous amount of time there.  We all jumped back in Big Butt, headed down, looking forward to what else Joshua Tree National Park had to offer, we were not disappointed.  Wait till you see the campground - -



Greta Koehl said...

Ah, San Gorgonio Mountain - sort of in the "back yard" of my childhood! Enjoying these photos a great deal!

Barbara Poole said...

Sure is nice going along with you and I'm enjoying the information and photos.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Love, love, love these!