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Tombstone Tuesday, The Crosses of Spiegel Cemetery, Lenawee County, Michigan

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Last spring my cemetery stomping friend Mary and I were checking and rechecking the Spiegel Cemetery of Blissfield Township, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Very little written history has been found about the Spiegel Cemetery. A study of the burial records themselves start to tell the story, the first burials happened in the early 1880's.  Nothing was found at the Lenawee County Historical Society that helped us, so we turned to plat maps.  Lenawee has plat maps for 1857, 1873, and 1893, however there is no indication on any of these plat maps that a cemetery existed at the physical location that we find it at today.  Finally in the 1916 plat map we found an indication of the cemetery.  Searches of old deeds at the Lenawee County Deeds office was also very frustrating.  We still hope someday to find more history on this cemetery.

I took a number of photos the day Mary and I visited the cemetery.  When I came home and looked at them, I realized there were a number lovely headstone crosses, here they are.  I'd just bet there are quite a few more in the section that Mary walked.

Ernst Retter 
March 20 1901
Oct 12, 1903
August F. Riebe
1836 to 1916
Whilhelmine Riebe
1841 to 1917

This next cross I shared before, in my post of  June 15th, 2010--Scavenger Hunt, Hunting Symbolism,

Gattin von
Heinrich Retter
Geb 4 Mai 1822
Gest 27 Sept 1905

Lene Harrer
see close up below

Lene Harrer
Frau Des Pastors
1886 - 1906
Jesus Lebt. Ev. John. 18??

*The Lenawee County Family Researchers published this cemetery in it's latest volume in the Burial Records of Lenawee, Blissfield Township.


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