Friday, February 4, 2011

THE Trip, Scenic Drive, Parker to Lake Havasu Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The drive from our campsite just north of Quartzsite to Lake Havasu took a bit over an hour, and was filled with a number of WOW moments, especially after we left Parker and drove north.  We drove 95 the entire way, as depicted on this map.

There are a number of state parks along the way which we did not get to stop and investigate.  Someone (oh, that would be me) took a LOT of photos, here are some of the best, the scenery was special, no doubt about it.  

Above:  Green!  A golf course!  Many of the holes were tucked in between hills.  I'll bet this is pretty special if you are on the golf course, instead of driving by at 55 MPH.

Above:  Campgrounds abound along the Colorado River, there is also BLM land out in this area you can camp on for free for 14 days.

Above, taken at turnoff/scenic view of  Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge.  

Above:  No words, just enjoy!

Above, taken out of Man's driver's side window.  I just might be gettin' the hang of this speedy photo taking after all.  Sorry, don't know the name of this.

So, you can see, just from these few photos that we had a lovely drive up to Lake Havasu City to visit the London Bridge.  This is high on our bucket list to revisit should we get lucky enough to ever return to this beautiful corner of the Arizona desert.



Michelle Goodrum said...

That is a very pretty drive. I did it years ago with one of my girls friends.

Ya know, I think that golf course is the one Husband played on in his younger and crazier days. It was 120 degrees out on that day. Some of them played two rounds. No telling how much water, er, beer they went through!

Nolichucky Roots said...

One more spot to add to our Bucket List. Gorgeous!