Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE Trip, The RV Show, Quartzsite Arizona

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Man and I did indeed take in the RV show here at Quartzsite.  Can we say crowded?  Yes, indeedy we can.  You see, during January and February, this little quiet spot on the map, population about 3400 souls (Census Bureau, 2006) grows, swells, and explodes to estimates of between 500,000 and 1,500,000 souls.  Many of us are RVers.  Many of us come here specifically for that RV show.

Man and I did not know what to expect.  There is a huge white tent, filled to the brim with vendors, and shoppers.  Ya, some of those vendors got into our pocket$.  You  can see, the tent was very crowded, err, popular.

Guess who in the hat and light blue shirt?
Yep, that is Man with a small bag of purchases.

Apparently, there are lots and lots of RV sales too, spread all around town.  We steered clear of all of those, except we did study this new 2012 Montana pretty hard.

After all that hard $hopping, we found an ice cream vendor, this is not our ice cream cone, mmmm, we ate our ice cream out of a cup, and ate it too fast to even think about getting a photo.  So, another RV show attendee said I could take a photo of his dripping yummy cone!

Well, it was an experience, that is for sure.  And, the ice cream was good.

* Oh, we found this neat real running ice cream making machine outside the RV show tent, don't cha love it??  As far as we know, this machine was not involved in the icing of our creamy delight.

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Happy anniversary, btw - ice cream looks good :-)