Tuesday, February 22, 2011

THE Trip, And, Now We Turn Back East, Sorta

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our trip odometer reads about 4,950 miles since we left SE Michigan in mid November.

We have been on the road about 3 months.

We have stopped at 14 campgrounds, the shortest stay was 1 night, the longest stay was 34 nights.  We boondocked at Quartzsite, Arizona for about 2 weeks, our first experience with this kind of camping for that length of time.

We have visited at least 12 national monuments or state parks, including, the Abraham Lincoln Museum, law offices and Home in Springfield, Illinois;  George Washington Carver National Monument near Joplin Missouri; Living Desert State Park, Carlsbad New Mexico; Sitting Bull Falls in the Lincoln National Forest (near Carlsbad New Mexico); Carlsbad Caverns, Carlsbad New Mexico; Guadalupe Mountains National Park (near Carlsbad New Mexico); White Sands National Monument, New Mexico; Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park, near Mesilla New Mexico; Fort Seldon and Leasburg Dam State Park, near Radium Springs, New Mexico; the Organ Mountains and Dripping Springs National Recreation Trail, near Las Cruces, New Mexico; Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree California; Indian Canyons near Palm Springs California and of course, Mount San Jacinto State Park at the top of the Palm Springs Tram, Palm Springs California.

We have visited a number of wonderful museums, large and small, all interesting and educational. I got to spend Thanksgiving with Zachariah, my great great grandfather, well, sorta.  I got to visit his burial spot, something, I really never thought would happen, Joplin Missouri area.

We have visited friends and family, laughing long and hard with all.

And, NO, I am NOT going to tell you how much fuel we have used.  That number is too high and scary.

I have done about 90 blog posts with the words "THE Trip" in the title.

The sunsets are wonderful, especially when there are a few clouds in the sky.  The mountains take my breath away, EVERY TIME!

At this point, we have gone as far west as we will, after a short stay near Salton Sea, we are returning to Arizona, many more friends and family await our visit there.  When the weather warms some, we shall head north (sorta) towards Utah.

Map of states traveled and slept in while in Tana.
AKA, Tana's Travel Map.
So far, we have added New Mexico, Arizona
 and California during THE T

I am so thrilled to have my readers along for "THE Trip".  I think, from the comments, ALL of which I read, that you are enjoying "THE Trip", as well.  This has been my dream for years, well over 20, maybe closer to 30 years.  To travel the RV way, visiting museums and parks, and hike, and commune with Mother Nature and experience my Maker's creations.  Yes, I am thrilled to finally be doing this, giggly, even.  Every morning I awake to the awe that Man and I are finally, after all these years, finally living the dream.  I thank my Maker for allowing me this "out of my comfort zone" experience.

Thank you readers for sharing and reading.  I hope you can be happy for Reflections and her Man.

Thank you to my Maker, this IS truly over the top, out of my comfort zone, AWESOME!!

I am at peace, yes, some days out of the comfort zone, but, for the most part, my soul is being filled, my "hitch itch" is being soothed, and I am at peace.

* Hitch itch, a common term used among RVer's to indicate we are ready to roll on to the next place, the next adventure, over the hill and around the curve of the highway.  Partial cure is to hitch up your unit and GO RVing!

Every day spent on earth is a blessing, every day spent in our Montana is a day blessed twice.


PalmsRV said...

Can't wait for the Utah part!


Joan said...

Just looking at your map, it appears that if you are going to fill it in with overniters in Tana, you will have to engage in summertime RVing. Winter RVing in the NW is a lot like being home in Michigan in the winter. LOL

Mary said...

I've enjoyed the trip with you immensely and look forward to the rest of it. I may not be able to do this on my own anytime soon but it sure is fun 'traveling along' with you and man.

Becky said...

Even though I don't have a trailer or a hitch, I know what it's like to feel "hitch itch" ;-)

I'll be hitting the road again within the next two weeks. I'm more than ready to be on my way to warmer weather and can't hardly wait to get back out there...

Your posts have helped get me through these past two+ months. Thank you!

Greta Koehl said...

So, for that next trip - the Northwest or the Northeast?

Nolichucky Roots said...

I am absolutely enjoying your travels. Beyond the sheer pleasure of your photographs, it's wonderful fodder for my own wanderlust dreams and proof dreams do come true (cue the cheezy music). I'm thrilled for you both.

Barbara Poole said...

Sorry, I'm so far behind in reading posts. Love your map, and am surprised that Florida is blank, how did that happen? Before long, all 48 will be done.