Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE Trip, Pioneertown, California

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Ok, all you cowboys and cowgirls, let me take you to Pioneertown, California, which according to their web page, was "built in 1946 as a movie set for western movies, including the movies of 'Gene Autry', 'The Cisco Kid', with Duncan Renaldo, 'Annie Oakley' with Gail Davis, 'Judge Roy Bean' with Edgar Buchanan, 'Range Rider' with Jock O. Mahoney, and 'Buffalo Bill Jr.' with Dick Jones."

This is not the tourist time of the year in Pioneertown.  It was pretty much deserted.  That was fine with me, as I only wanted to visit for the photo op.  And, photo op I got.  Here are a few of the photos, join me while we step back in time, I can almost hear Gene Autry singing,

Rockin` to and fro
Back in the saddle again
I go my way
Back in the saddle again

Seems the local sheriff locked up this bad boy:

And, I am not quite sure, but this lovely lady seems awful cheerful about our bad boy's lock up:

* The History Channel was in Pioneertown recently filming.

**Oh, and Mina did finally spring Bob from jail.



Barbara Poole said...

I hope you get to watch The History Channel when this town is shown, Prob. 6 months from now, right? Maybe you and Mina are in it!

Mary said...

Where in California is this located? I know you are now in La Quinta, CA and I'm familiar with where it's located. Is Pioneer Town near La Quinta?

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

As usual, awesome photos! The longhorns remind me of James Michener's book "Texas" and where he mentions a particular longhorn named "Bathtub Bertha". The extreme width and shape of the horns made one think of an outline of an old fashioned bathtub!

hummer said...

I love the photos looks like you all are having way too much fun! ; )

Joan said...

OMG, Ima thinking I'd like to stowaway in Tana. Way too much fun!!