Sunday, February 13, 2011

THE Trip, Joshua Tree National Park, WOW, What a Campground!

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There are a number of campgrounds though out the park, rustic campgrounds.  Most do not have water, however, there are tables, fire rings, and toilets.  So, basically, a boondocking experience.  Sadly, in many cases/campgrounds/campsites, Big Butt and Tana will not fit, our combined length of 53 feet is just more than many national parks can accommodate.  But we digress in our story.

There is one area in the park that is called Jumbo Rocks and there is a campground there.  The campsites are particularly small, but the views are amazing, and more!!

A Campsite!  Tucked right beside this large hunk o rock!
See, a picnic table, a bar-b-que grill and a fire ring.  WOW!

Or, how bout this campsite?  Course, there is no way ole Carol
is gonna camp in a tent, mmm, they have rattlers out here in the west,
and nasty spiders and those little lizards that dart every 

where. Nope, no trailer, no Carol.  But, it IS
a fabulous campsite with a kick em view!

These RV's, ARE small enough for these very small campsites, yep
right along the road.  There were 17 of these units in this campground,
having a small Rally of sorts.

And, we have solar!  See that black rectangular
item, sitting on the ground, far left portion of
this photo.  Solar!  Charging the battery.

And look at the view off his door/patio side.
Kinda hard to take, eh?  Well, no, not really.

Well, that is some campground, that is for sure!  And, it was fun seeing this rally of small rigs.  Proof positive, you just never know what the next curve in the road may reveal.

All in all, Mina, Bob, Man and I really enjoyed our day trip to Pioneertown and Joshua Tree National Park.  Joshua Tree is on our "if we ever get back, this is worth a re-do" bucket list for sure!  We fully realize we barely scratched the surface here, there are hikes to be hiked and more beautiful vistas to be seen.


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Brenda Leyndyke said...

Carol, I am enjoying your posts of your travels. I was wondering did you pre plan your campsites or find ones as you go?