Thursday, February 3, 2011

THE Trip, A Hike at Quinn Pass Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

On our way back from Bouse, Man and I enjoyed the mountains, the flora and fauna, the shades of beige.  I just cannot seem to get enough of the mountains and rock outcroppings, the sharpness, the shapes, the angles.  Man likes the hills with more of a cone shape, and they don't interest me at all!  LOL  Since the Sony is usually in my hands, there are not too many photos of the hills and cones, and a lot of photos of the angles and shapes!

We stopped at Quinn's Pass, where Thomas P, Quinn, born in New Jersey in 1869, had a mine.  There was a road there, going up to a crest.  We decided we needed to get some exercise.  We really wanted to see what was over this hill, what was on the other side.  Maybe does not look too steep, but this guy had 4 wheel drive and he was using it.  He slipped a bit going up, even with the 4 wheel drive.

So, off we went, slowly, very slowly, walking sticks and camera, slowly up we went.  You can see from this photo why we were proceeding with care and caution, very easy to slip and twist your ankle on the sand and gravel.

Once at the top of the hill a small path branches off to the right, takes you around the back of the hill.   You can see how narrow the path is at this point, 1 man/woman in, 1 man/woman out.

We followed the path around to the end of the trail, and looked down and saw Big Butt parked.  See that little white spec in the middle of the photo?

On the way back down, Man spied this hole.  We suspect it might be a bit of a mine.  There are a lot of mines out here, and lots of people come out and dig small holes, and look for minerals and gold and such.  Man wandered down and looked at this closer, said it was not very large.

Hole to the far right, all that stuff that is slightly
green/blue came out of the hole.

Our little hike was only about 1/2 mile or so, very short.  Some of the views were far from short tho.  Yes, I do love those sharp outcrops - -

So much beauty in such a short walk.  Some gifts do come in small packages.



Michelle Goodrum said...

I enjoyed your hike! I like the first set of outcroppings the best although they are all really interesting.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Wow...that first photo is my favorite! You take the most amazing pictures and create such interesting blog posts to go along with them Carol! Great job!

Nolichucky Roots said...

I needed a virtual hike today! And this was BEAUTIFUL.

Carol said...

Michelle, Lisa and Nolichucky, thank you all. And, thank you again!