Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do YOU Watch the Telie, Got Comments?

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Two of my recent random but disconnected thoughts/questions - -

1.)  Do you watch television?  This question is really for my genie friends.  I see more and more comments on blogs and hear more and more comments in discussions with other genieholics.  Seems a lot of us don't watch the telie, except for maybe:

a.) the news (and not always, there is all that depressing stuff)
b.) the weather (ok, have to know if is gonna be hot or cold in the cemetery today)
c.) or one of those genie specials, like "Who Do You Think You Are".

So, genie friends, do YOU watch the telie??

No captcha on Reflections
2.)  To my blogger friends, are your blog posts getting less and less comments??  Ya, I know, you are definitely getting less from this gal, with THE Trip, I am having trouble just reading all the fine contributions, and, for sure the number of my comments is down.  I hope you will all forgive me, again.  So, except for MY lack of comments, do you notice a drop off from your other friends and readers??  Reason I am asking is that a few other blog readers I know have indicated they are no longer leaving comments on any blog that has ANY kind of captcha or moderation.  They might email ya, but, they won't fuss with captcha and moderation.  (This was discussed here on Reflections in January, and I have noted it has been discussed on several other blogs as well, including Amy Coffin's, The We Tree Genealogy Blog.)

So, just wondering, are your comments MIA??

And, that ends those random and disconnected thoughts/questions, well, at least for the time being - -

* And, leave it to the ironies of life and blogging, while writing this post I started to post a comment on another blog.  I then noted that they were recording the IP addresses of all that left a comment.  I closed the page and did not leave a  comment.

We all must do what we feel is right for our online safety and comfort zones.  This blogger felt the need to trace IP addresses on comments.  However, that IP recording took me out of my comfort zone, and I did what I had to, I left and did not comment.



PalmsRV said...

As a full-time RVer (and a genie friend), we have Direct TV and our "local" channels are NY and Los Angeles, so we use the computer to check the weather. During the day CNBC is on (mostly to prevent a disaster with our investments). The Detroit Tigers are a priority during baseball season. At night it's Detroit 187 (I always get a glimpse of my old workplace, Detroit Police Headquarters!), NCIS, White Collar, and a few other popular shows.

There haven't been many comments on my blogs (though I do value comments)in the past, but comments are sparse. I don't purposely have capture or moderation (lately blogger catches most of the spam -- it doesn't show up on the blog, though I do get the spam e-mailed to me).

In the past I've tried to comment on your blog only to find that it didn't work and I couldn't get my comment to post. I'm positive that it was on my end, but didn't have a clue as to why it wouldn't work. At one time I tried to reply and use a comment on one of my own blogs (Cameron Collections) and found that it wouldn't "take." Once I changed the comment section to a "pop up" window, it worked. Go figure.

Now if I can get this comment to post, I will be a happy camper!


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thanks for the mention!

As for tv, I'm watching less and less. I listen to the police scanner during the day, and podcasts when I go to bed. There are a lot of old radio shows available for free, so I download those and listen when I can't sleep.

Carol said...

Amy, you are welcome. A police scanner, really? Interesting.

Cathy, I know, some times Blogger (as much as I love it) has issues. I won't whine too much, as it is free, eh?? Sometimes toggling choices like you did will "unstick" it.

Those Tigers, they are our home team too, Man's mother never missed a game that was on radio or the telie. Can't say we watch it that much tho.

Dorene from Ohio said...

After work, I find TV favorite programs are on the History Channel, PBS, and the Food Network, and I actually enjoy those romantic shows on the Hallmark channel too!

I do not get very many comments on my blog posts, but I continue to blog because it such a fun creative outlet, and I learn a lot!

P.S. My father in law drove delivered Stroh's here in Ohio for years, so we are Tiger fans too. Stroh's was a sponsor of the Tigers for a long time :) whenever they are on, we watch the Detroit Tigers too.

Linda McCauley said...

I used to watch a lot of TV - as in I needed 2 VCR's to record everything that I just couldn't miss. Nowadays my TV is usually on but I'm not really watching it. I'm only half listening (sometimes not even that) and occasionally glancing at it while I do something else (wonder what that would be) on the laptop.

There are a few shows that I enjoy enough to DVR and I pay a little more attention to the news and weather. UK basketball and football probably get the most attention but even then the laptop is on.

As for blog comments, mine seem to depend on the subject. Recent posts about reorging digital files and DNA testing had lots of comments, the everyday topics only the occasional one. That seems logical to me.

Carol said...

Doreen, we have a Tigers thing going on here! LOL

Linda, I dig the background noise thing, I do that a lot at night (as in 3 AM nighttime).

Nolichucky Roots said...

TV - oh yeah. I watch. Pups, computer & I usually snuggle up in the evenings for something mindless when hubbie is out of town. PBS for the news every night. Of course, once baseball season starts the Cardinals schedule will pretty much dictate my life, lol.

Comments - I haven't noticed much of a change on comments left. But I've cut down on due to curtailing my reading. And what reading I'm doing is usually in my reader. If I am left grinning, groaning, nodding or wiping a tear I'll go to the site to leave a comment. Must admit I am more frustrated by those blogs that force me to go to their site to read the full post than by comment captchas, etc.

IrishEyesJG said...

Hi Carol,

I love your random thoughts/questions. We watch very little telie, too many depressing shows, too much blood, guts, and gore. I only want blood and guts if it's related to my family tree.

Follow FAR TOO MUCH news on the internet (CNN, NYTimes, IrishTimes, etc.); Depressing, so depressing, but it's like a car accident; I can't seem to stop looking.

Have noticed comments on posts lessening, (my poor ego), and continue to use comments moderation only because I have received several SPAM comments which are only there to flog products, and a few vicious ones which very much upset me.

Thanks for giving us lots to think about. Cheers! Jennifer

Greta Koehl said...

Carol - I do watch TV, though not a lot - average per week is about 5-6 programs.

I haven't noticed any difference in comment frequency recently. I did remove the captcha but did not switch to comment moderation, since I am generally not able to attend to that during the day. So far it seems to be working (if I get spam or inappropriate comments I might have to switch back to captcha), but people may still assume that I have captcha on.

Carol said...

Nolichucky, I so totally agree with you about those blogs that make me click again and again to read their post. MMMM, guess what, I don't click and click, and I don't read. Seems they are going to a lot of work if I ain't gonna read, eh??

Jennifer, your reasons stated, depressing gore. and guts, same reasons I don't watch. Plus for me, a lot of the evening shows, not interested. Also the comment moderation, that is exactly WHY I still have moderation on, and captcha off. I received a porn message on a memorial I wrote, nope, not appreciated.

Greta, we would all forgive you for moderation delays. Trust me on that one. In my opinion, I would rather wait for moderation than type in those captcha thingys!

S. Lincecum said...

Great questions, Carol. I actually have made a conscious effort to cut back on my television. I was like Linda -- a full DVR all the time. It started to feel like another obligation I was always behind on. Now that I have cut back, I truly know what I "must" see (very little).

I don't get very many comments on my blogs, but have to admit I don't do a lot of commenting on other blogs either. I turned off captcha, but do still moderate. Apparently I am one the spammers love.

One more thing: Go, Atlanta Braves! :-)

Free Genealogy Guide said...

Used to be I would turn on the TV of an evening and find something to watch. These days, it stays off unless I know of a particular program I want to see. When the grandkids are around, of course, the TV comes back on.

Michelle Goodrum said...

For TV, not a whole lot in this house. I am hooked NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles but usually record it and watch when we want to! Also like Mythbusters. So if we are flipping channels and it happens to be on we usually stop there.

I haven't noticed a drop off in comments. I did remove the captcha after reading yours and Amy's posts. I'm with you and Nolichucky on having to go to someone's site to actually read their post. There just aren't enough hours in the day to have to be clicking around more than I already do!

Nita said...

Last year I got many more comments than this. It does get discouraging especially on one post that took me a long time to do. I got none on that one. But, I do know people are reading it and I do get encouraging e-mails sometimes. Then again, I don't comment often either. More fun just to read and not comment!

Thanks for your comments, Carol. Lots of times you are the only one to comment!

Carol said...

S. Lincecum, Atlanta Braves?? OK, since we seem to have several teams represented here, I think it is fair you can vote for yours! LOL

Free Genealogy Guide, funny how the grandkids get the telie humming - - Gotta love it!

Michelle, looking at your list of fav telie shows, I now know why your posts are so detailed, its in your blood! Love it!

Nita, you might try posting links to yours on your FB page. I always enjoy yours, even the days I don't comment! LOL

Thank you all for the feedback today, I have really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

No telly in this house for a few years now :-) My blogs are relatively new, so I haven't got much Comment data to say if the comments are dropping off. And I do appreciate your comments, Carol!

Barbara Poole said...

How could I not respond, esp. to the person who has left so many wonderful comments on my blogs. In reply to tv, am news and weather, nothing during the day, except maybe Oprah. Evening, not much until rather more tv, could be because of winter.
As for comments and blogs, I've cut way back, but my favorites from 6 months ago are still my favorites. I'll only read 1-2 reviews of WDYTUA, not 15 or so. Carol, you doing a lot of thinking on your trip?

Apple said...

I watch lots of TV shows but without cable I watch much of it on my computer, usually on Hulu. I don't get NBC here so WDYTYA is on a day delay for me.

I haven't noticed a drop in comments but it was pointed out to me that I've been MIA on my geneablog for a month now. Got to do something about that. I haven't been leaving many comments either. I've found as the number of blogs I've follow has increased the relative number of comments I leave has decreased because I don't break out of my reader often enough. Need to do something about that too.

a3Genealogy, Kathleen Brandt said...

I'm not a TV person at all. I watch foodnetwork while folding clothes Sunday afternoon, and that's about it. Read news online or in paper while waiting for appts (doctors, car, etc)., and rely on geneabloggers to keep me up on genealogy. Translation...genealogy is good a field for me, since I'm usually about a decade or lifetime behind in everything.