Monday, March 1, 2010

91st Carnival of Genealogy, A Tribute to Women! The Time Line

The 91st Carnival of Genealogy asks us to write a biography of a woman on your family tree, but first you need a time line for her.

I love time lines, I just don't do them.  However, a challenge is a challenge and I usually cannot resist.  So, I start with Google search and see what is out there in Net-Land.  I found three sites that I tried.  Two allowed me to do my own time lines via input of names and dates and such.  The third one was much more detailed, it has a HUGE data base of events tied to dates which result in quite long reports.  You can add your own dates and details to this one as well.  I think this time line builder would be super if you could pick and choose some of the standard events.  However, it is a large graphic if you need to cover a number of years, as in my case 1888 to 1954.  That said, this third one really gives you a great feel for what went on during the years of your ancestor's life.

I built a web page for the three time lines over at my sister site, Reflections On Families Past.  However, in 2015, it was discovered that was not a satisfactory place to continue to store the time lines.

This page now has the links and images of the three time lines I built.  They all are interesting, and have aspects I like about them.  I most likely will not do another time line, but if I do, I think that I might use this one from Read Write Think at .  I can see good possibilities with this time line, as I can add more details, but it is still simple and clearly laid out.

* Thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene for hosting this 91st Carnival of Genealogy.

**If you have trouble remembering historical dates, that HUGE time line builder is for you, for informational purposes that one rules, as they say. Even if it is a bit overwhelming! 

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.

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Terri said...

I really like the detailed time line builder. Pretty huge, but how neat! I will be sharing this link with my gen soc...Thanks!