Sunday, March 28, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Bellingrath Gardens, Surprises of the Ecological Walk

The Ecological Walkway, otherwise known as the Bayou Walkway, is 1600 feet of a board walkway built over a bayou.  Honestly, by the time we reached this area, I was, well, - - - tired!  I even suggested/asked John, Donna and Man, "well, do you want to walk this or go back to the formal gardens?"  John said, lets walk, so we did.  Little did I know what surprises were to be found.

Our view on entering the walkway,
pond cypress, and the far end of the walkway.

Cypress knees, have their own unique beauty.

See what I mean about surprises? 
Donna spied this beautiful fungi/mushrooms.
We thought they looked akin to sea shells.

My attraction to fences continues.

Almost at the end of our stroll around the walkway we find
this beautiul titi in full bloom. Donna knew the name, thanks.
She also provides us with this website, all about titi.

You can read more about the Ecological Walk at the Belligrath Gardens website.

So, even though I was not initially interested in walking the 1600 feet of boardwalk, which looked rather boring and gray (after all those flowers), I was so glad I went along with John' suggestion, other wise I would have missed all these wonderful surprises.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


Linda McCauley said...

Carol, You have such a great eye for composition. I really enjoy your photos.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Your photos are beautiful. I thought the mushroom/fungi were snail or mussel shells!

shatteredhaven said...

Looks like a nice visit. Nice photos. :D