Tuesday, March 23, 2010

92nd Carnival of Genealogy, Dance, Let's Cut a Rug

The topic for this edition of the COG will be: Dance! Did you take dance lessons as a child? Did your parents go out dancing every Friday at the Elks Hall? Do you enjoy taking in a good ballet at the theater? Care to share a memory from your high school prom? What role does dancing play in your family history? Come on, let's cut a rug!

As I tend to do when I see a challenge, I ran right to my data base and photos.  Who do I have photos of that I can use to demonstrate the story or challange, as in this case, dancin!  I especially like it if these are photos of direct line ancestors or descendants, or, in the rare case, Man and Moi.  I KNEW of one photo that would make this challenge post, my grandmother Florence.  But, first, lets see if I can dig out any stories from the questions presented.

Did you take dance lessons as a child? Sure don't remember dance lessons.  I did take some dance classes in high school and college. I really appreciated modern dance, Martha Graham and her form of the art deeply impressed me, moved my soul. 

Did your parents go out dancing every Friday at the Elks Hall?  Not that I remember.

Do you enjoy taking in a good ballet at the theater?  Well, mmmmm, no.  I don't think performances of Cats or Oklahoma or Phantom of the Opera count here, do they??

Care to share a memory from your high school prom?  My mother made my dress, and I don't seem to have a photo of it scanned, so, I cannot show you. (Note to self, when you get back to the stick built, find that photo.)

What role does dancing play in your family history?  Ready for this??? Man and I went to dances on our first 4 dates.  Seems those 4 dates were all in less than a 2 week time frame. Yep, we loved dancing.

But, I really do prefer telling the stories with photos. My grandmother Florence LOVED to dance. She took ball room dancing lessons at Arthur Miller dance studios.  Her partners were usually younger than she, or that is the way I remember it, I always figured it took a younger man to keep up with her!  She won dance contests. I realized I don't have a photo of her trophies or awards that I have in my possession, another to do item added to my growing list.  But, I do have the photographic proof of her strutting her stuff!

I don't have any photos of my parents dancing, so, that generation has no representation at this time.

That brings our discussion back to Man and Moi.  We took a few dance lessons here and there too.  Anyone remember Disco???

OH, yea.  And, yep, here is the proof!  Excuse me why I go giggle in a corner for a while.  Don't cha just LOVE those clothes, and Man, that beard!  (Not bad for the parents of three sons, the youngest not quite a year old.)

Now, after recovering from our giggle-fest, our last photo is of our eldest son and his beautiful bride at their church wedding reception in Gemany.  Guess what, they took dance lessons too.  Don't they look wonderful??

Footloose indeed, Florence cut a rug, Man and I cut a rug, and Son # 1 and his lovely bride cut a rug.

Thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene for hosting this carnival.  I smiled a lot while preparing my entry.  Thank you for the memories.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


Katie said...

What a great idea for a Carnival! Great entry :) I am from Michigan too so I will be following your blog. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Take Care,
Katie (The Gene Gleaner)

Karen said...

I could post the photo's of you and Man at Mandi's wedding... but I won't. Then I would have to post ours... NOT GOING There! Thanks for another great blog entry!

Joan said...

What fun, o Disco Queen! The swirl of your daughter-in-law's dress is lovely, and your son, indeed, handsome. Dancing always brings back good memories to me. Thanks for taking us along on your dancing memories.

lindalee said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED that photo of you and Man. Disco was one dance that I never got into. The closest I ever came to trying it was on the Richard Simmons exercise tapes...lol Travolta arms. Great post, Carol. Guess I better get mine up.

J.M. said...

Great photo's! Loved the one of your grandmother!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Wonderful photos!!