Monday, March 8, 2010

Relatively Speaking, Tie In's, Birth and Marriage Dates, and Mega Thanx

It is so rewarding to realize that my little blog has readers, followers, and those that read, and then write and give me feedback.  Amy is one of those, she reads and she gives feed back.

Amy was instrumental in Spelling Don’t Count, Even in Indexing, Save Me Please!  Amy put me on to the Chancery cases digitized at the Library of Virginia.  I could work on those cases for years, they are a gold mine for me.  Amy lives in the area of Virginia where the Darden and Eley clans lived.  She has "insider information", she sometimes pulls obits for me.  Amy is indeed a great researcher and online friend.  THANX AMY!!

A while back, she read cousin Anne's Relatively Speaking post, Where Does the Inspiriation Come From?, Or Blunder Your Way to a Blog Topic!  Anne's comment "What I really find irritating are the number of headstones I've found recently with just years on them...", had Amy writing me suggesting a follow up blog when it was my turn next to write Relatively Speaking.  (I can use all the help I can get, another thanx Amy!)

Amy wrote, "Remember on the Brantley stuff that one of the books that Rick let them copy was the 1902 Voter Registration Book. Now I cannot vouch for all places (since I can't seem to find anyone in IOW that knows where their books are), but the Southampton one has full birthdates in some of the sections and tells how many years they person resided in the state, county, area/locality.  I've been able to complete get complete birthdates for people that only had the years listed on their tombstone."

Actually Amy, I did not remember, but, I went surfing.  The main link to the Brantley Association of America is here.  Isn't this a fabulous site and project??  The Southampton County page is here, and further investigation will lead you to the Southampton Records, with those voter registrations down at the bottom of the page.  And, yes, I need to spend a considerable amount of research time here Amy, I see so many surnames that are in my data base. *

Here is a small sample of the page, you will have to click on it to open to a new page to see in a larger format, then click the back button to return here to Reflections.

 Thanks to Amy, a great idea of where to look for birth dates!

* While writing this post, I actually did snoop around some more and I discovered a license to marry for Charles H. Darden and Martha A. Stephenson.  I have been looking for this for YEARS!!  Charles is my ggg grandfather, and Martha is his second wife.  Charles' house is shown in Smile For The Camera, "Give Their Face A Place", Sarah Anne Darden.   Guess I owe Amy ANOTHER big thank you!


**And, since I am thanking Amy, guess I will include another shout out for this tidbit she forwarded this weekend, because, as she wrote, "ok, decided to stop my stuff and work on someone else's line... " Amy found more stuff I have been looking for.  Amy you are really on a roll.  How many times can I say thank you??  Obviously, NOT enough! (Image from Ancestry)

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