Sunday, February 28, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, A Gulf Shores Must, LuLu's

One of the "MUST DO'S" in the area is LuLu's.  It is right on the Intracoastal Waterway, so, if you are close enough to that side of the restaurant you can see boats, ships, and barges go by.  I have heard say that on a lucky day you might even spot a porpoise or two.

Today was our visit.  Here is our scorecard.
  • Atmosphere - - colorful, fun.
  • Live music - - great, but, really, must you deafen us?  As in, geshhhh, it was way too loud, made the first part of our meal on the miserable side.  Man was rolling up paper towels/napkins into little ear plugs, yea, he did, and yea, he used em.  SIGH
  • Beer - - cold and stays that way thanks to those nifty pitchers with the frozen plastic ice thingy.  Very, errr, dare I say it, COOL. 
  • Burgers - - at least 8 outta 10.  Maybe 9.  That comes from a burger snob (yep, Moi is a burger snob).
  • Fries - - 7 outta 10.
  • Onion Rings - - 100 outta 10.  By far, these are the best onion rings we have ever had, anywhere, anytime, any price, ohhh, and these are not cheap.  About $3.00 more than an order of fries.  Worth it, YEP, gotta say they are.  OHHH, and the cocktail sauce, get a 20 outta 10 for that, best I have had.  Onion rings and cocktail sauce, can we spell TOTALLY SINFUL ! ? !
I might go sit through more irritating loud music just for the beer, onion rings and cocktail sauce.  Nahhhh, I'll just check the web site and avoid the music. 

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