Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reflections and Prayers

Heavy in my heart, strong in my mind, fully in my prayers:
  • Cousin Connie and her husband Thomas, he is fighting the "C" monster, hospice is on the horizon, pray for their strength.
  • Cousin Nolan, born months prematurely, a little bump in the road for him, may he continue to grow and come home to his adoring parents very soon.
  • Friend Glenn, who is also fighting the "C" monster, status unclear, we are very concerned
  • Man's mother, who has had a bit of a set back, hopefully the new meds will kick this buggar out, we are all ready for this issue to be history.
  • Friend George, who is fighting the "C" monster.
  • Friend Marge, who is having issues with wrists, may the doctors ease her discomfort.
  • Prayers of thanks for friend John, whose last "C" checkup was CLEAN!  Can we say,WAHHOOOO!
  • Fellow blogger, Linda, from Flipside, whose son undergoes some very serious surgery tomorrow, may the surgeon's skills be top notch.
  • Cousin Marilyn, one of the most energetic ladies I know, down for a while, rest is paramount right now for her.
  • Friend Patty, who really could use some windows and doors delivered to her building site that come in the "unshattered"condition.  After 3 failed deliveries, and even though this is not a serious health issue, I am sure she would welcome any positive vibes you could send her way.
I am pretty sure I have missed some of my dear ones that could use the power of prayer.  There are so many.

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lindalee said...

Thank you Carol for your thoughtful remembrance of my son Aric. I will keep you all posted on facebook tomorrow.

Nita said...

You sure have a lot of people to pray for! I'll add them to my list as well. Sure hope Glenn is doing better. The "not knowing" how he is doing is difficult for those of us who know him and care about him! Sorry to hear about Man's mother. Hope it's just a little bump in the road. So many people suffering makes me realize how blessed I am.