Friday, March 26, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Bellingrath Gardens, The Buildings

The buildings of Bellingrath are not old, in the scheme of things, built in the 1930's era.  They are quite charming tho, lots of that neat wraught iron, and brick.  Tastefully done.

Above:  This is the courtyard of the main house,
the house is built totally around it.

We did a house tour, very enjoyable, great docent to guide us.  No photos allowed inside.  The collections of silver and table settings were UNREAL!  The kitchen and bathrooms were so interesting, ah, yes, pink and green baths, straight from the World Fair exposition (I believe they said it was the 1933 fair in Chicago).  OK, they were old, but, I liked them, retro. 

Mrs.Bellingrath collected porcelain figurines.  The collection is extensive and amazing.  The pieces were in such great shape, I did not see any chips or bungs.  House was full of interesting artifacts, all the furnishings are ORIGINAL.  Have to say, it is one of the few house tours we have done that had ALL original.  I liked that.

You can learn more about the estate at their web site, including some photos of the interior of the home.

Future posts will highlight the wraught iron, the flowers, the oriental gardens and the 1600 foot long ecological boardwalk.

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