Saturday, March 27, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Bellingrath Gardens, Wraught Iron Delights

I love wraught iron and gates.  Both abound in the south, providing a multitude of photo opportunities.  For those that visit Reflections frequently, you already know my inability to walk by a chair, bench or gate without looking twice for a photo op.  At Bellingrath, I took between 30 and 40 photos just of wraught iron and gates.  Ya, I know, too many for you to look at, and too many for me to edit and post.  So, here is a collage of a few of them and a few flowers as well, courtesy of  (Click on the image for a larger representation. Click back button to return here to Reflections.)

One of my favorite pieces and photos of the wraught iron is this beautiful planter filled with Easter Lillies.  I could not convince Man, John and Donna to help me sneak this piece out the gate!  I mean, how much could this thing have weighed???  Guessing, it was about 3 feet long, 8 inches wide and about 12 inches or more tall.  If we had tossed the planting medium and the lillies out, I still think we could have managed.  Well, maybe not!  LOL

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Barbara said...

Carol, I love your article and the wonderful collage of flowers and wraught iron. Thanks for the site, I hope to use it soon, but it won't compare to yours. Thanks.

Greta Koehl said...

Thanks for the tip on the site (and the beautiful pictures); I think I'll have to use that for some of my "series" photos.

Karen said...

I love your photography, Carol. The photo of the lilies makes me want to go get a cup of coffee and just stare at the picture (and pretend I'm in my own yard ... lol...)

And the Photovisi link - I may not get anything else done today! :))

Thanks for another enjoyable post.