Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Wallace Cemetery, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Wallace Cemetery, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Dick Buskens
Jehovahs Witness
Master Boat Builder
Born         Died
12-6-35    8-27-94

No inscription I could see, front or back.

Leaving your descendants a message of happiness.

Sorry, I am not sure who the Angel buried near here is.
God Bless

Wallace Cemetery at Find A Grave.  Note, the map is a bit hard to follow to access the cemetery.  It took several trips back to figure it out, access is gained by using Callaway Road to Old Fort Morgan Trail, once you turn left on to Old Fort Morgan Trail, you will see the gate.  Do not try to access from Emma Lane, it does not really go all the way through to Old Fort Morgan Trail, as it is a private drive.

* Bellingrath Gardens Tour will return soon, I promise, next up, Chinese Gardens.

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lindalee said...

These are ALL so interesting! I look and look for the unusual and interesting when I am wandering about cemeteries and usually find nada. Here you have three in one. Nice work as usual, Carol.