Thursday, March 11, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Gulf State Park at the Beach

Few days ago, Man and I were walking the Gulf State Park beach from CR 2 to the Fishing Pier.  Here is an interesting web site about building the new Pier.    We paid $2.00 each to go out on the pier (not fishing, just visiting).  I was slightly disappointed that out at the very end, they have painted a red line that cannot be crossed unless you have a fishing pole.  There were dolphins out there, and I could not get a photo cause I am a rule follower and would not cross the line. 

It is about a 1 mile walk each way, and, of course, I was carrying the ole Cannon with me, a few photos:

Above, pelican, photo shot from the pier.
(In a legal standing area.)

Found along our walk.
Love how Mother Nature arranges her gifts.

Above, looking from the waters edge, sanddune and palms beyond.

The next two photos were taken right at the boardwalk you take from the CR2 parking area to the beach.  Knowing that erosion is a huge problem along all  beaches, we have to figure this is an attempt to force a new sand dune, and catch some of the sand before it blows over the top of the current dunes and onto 182 (commonly called the Beach Road).  I think this is very cleaver and what a great way to recylce.

Above, so many trees, a holiday grave yard, of sorts - -

However, you can see that the burials will give stability to the
fragile dunes, they are already catching the fine sand.

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Interesting with the retired Christmas trees.