Monday, March 29, 2010

Relatively Speaking, Cousins That Blog, Annespiration

The Wild Ones have been chatting again, this time it is comparing how we go from a document, say a vital record, like a death certificate, to our data base.  Here is no surprise, some of us do it the same, and then, some of us don't.

The conversation started out something like this,

Karen:  "So tell us what you do when you find them? type in the whole thing? Scan it?  hmmmmmmmm???????? inquiring minds want to know..."

Anne:  "I save them as image files, print them out, pull out the vital info, attach the image to the person’s record and go on to the next one."

Karen:  "COOL. Sounds about like what I have been doing."

Carol:  "So, you must find it easier to work from the printed version?? I rarely print anything any more, cept for census, sometimes."

Anne:  "Yeah, because basically, I miss info if I am writing it from an image."

Carol:  "I just got cheap lately and don't want to use the paper or spend the $$ for the ink. So, I click back and forth between the image and RM. I figure if I have the image linked, I can always revisit if I get that sinking feeling that I missed something!"

Then, we started chatting about what info we may transcribe or grab off a death record,

Carol:  "I do not transcribe EVERYTHING on a doc, are you transcribing like, every line???"

Karen:  "I pick it apart, major stuff, dates, informant, burial location, parents, a bit of everything..."

Anne:  "Nope. Birth date, death date, burial date, cause of death. Locations. Parents. Spouse if available. No, I do not do a line by line."

The conversation morphed over to other things, and so it goes, the Wild Ones, chatting away, comparing, learning from each other, inspiring each other.  Karen has decided this should now be called, Annespiration.  How's that make ya feel Anne, an inspiration to the Wild Ones!  We usually find that after talking about how we do something, we are inspired to work, work, work away!

* Graphic of  Moi, errr, lady at computer, courtesy of

** Image of documents courtesy of

*** RM = RootsMagic, data base I currently use and love.

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GrannyPam said...

I transcribe nearly everything. I then create an event, add the transcription to the details of the source, attach the image, and then take a nap. I get more from the transcribing step that anything else. One more thing, if you do not have two screens to use, a cute little program can help with the transcribing thing. It is a split screen utility which lets you see an image, and type the text on the bottom of the screen. I don't remember who clued me in on it, if I did I would give them credit. It is a free utility, and worth every penny and more: . Have a great genealogy week.

TennLady said...

I'm er honored?

lindalee said...

I do it all....transcribe and copy and print a hard I nuts...or what!!! LOL I wish I had a couple of family members to bounce ideas off of and to share with. Right now, I am a genealogy family researcher of one in my family tree.

Greta Koehl said...

One thing I do for the most common forms - WWI and WWI registration cards, certain death certificates, etc. - is transcribe the form without the personal information and then just copy that and plug in the differing information for each person, which I then copy to the "Notes" section on reunion.