Monday, March 15, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Day at the Beach

Yesterday, Man and I ended up at the beach at Gulf Shores, again.  Gotta say, I don't get tired of going to the beach, people watching, bird watching, looking at what gifts Mother Nature has brought me this time.  Yesterday was "abundant sun", about 65 degrees F with a constant wind of about 20 MPH - - it felt like about 55 degrees F to us ole folks!  The younguns, must not have felt it tho, they had on the swimsuits, and were bound and detemined to enjoy their spring break!  One group, a creative bunch, dug a huge seating area in the sand, they even had a couch like arrangement, not lawn chairs, but sand couches.  I guess you could say, they have a sunken living room on the beach.

Man and I have seen this blimp flying around Mobile and
Gulf Shores a number of times,
it's home port, is the airport between our campground and the beach. 
Today he was flying over the beach.

Someone loves dolphins, this sand art was starting to
blow away, but you can still make out:
a swimmer with fins, swimming with a dolphin.

But, most of our people watching time today was spent watching 3 young men doing what I believe is called "kite surfing".  They were out there for a VERY long time.  There is a harness contraption around their mid-body connecting them to the kite. They are on a surf or skim board, skimming the water at a good clip (I am gonna do a wild guestmate of 10 MPH). They could jump waves, turn around practically on a dime and FLY!


Above, you can see some of the harness/gear.
He is just taking off.

This shows one of the fellows way up, we guess he was 15 feet in the air, maybe more.
We were not fast enough with the camera to catch a shot of them upside down, in a flip!

We enjoyed our day at the beach, even if it was a bit windy and coolish.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


Sanjay Maharaj said...

Looking at the pictures makes me want to fast forward to summer, cannot wait for summer to arrive as this will be my little son's first summer and I have so much planned for him for summer he is 6 months old right now. Great to read about your wonderful day at the beach. I once had an opportunity to try this kite surfing stuff but when we got to the beach to rent the eqipment, we were told they their equipment certification had run out and they could not rent it to us becasue of legal issues but were hoping to have the certification in place the next day. Needless to say we were disappointed, but maybe one day I will get a chance to try this.

lindalee said...

We had a warm two day stretch here, but now it is back to the usual March coldness. I love your photos and wish I was on the beach with you and Man.

Greta Koehl said...

It was day 3 of cold and rain here ... sniff, sniff ... guess we'll just suffer while you're having fun and basking in those 65 degrees.

Carol said...

OOO OOO Greta, I guess I will have to skip a day or so before I post any more beach photos. Today we saw a bride posing for photos at the beach. Still on the camera, maybe they all turned out crummy and I won't be tempted to post them.

Linda, Wish you were here too!

Sanjay, Enjoy that little one, nothing better than babies! Take him to the beach and get lots of photos of him experiencing the sand between his toes!