Friday, November 13, 2009

Rodeo campground followup

As TennLady so aptly pointed out, I have my naval terminology messed up, as AFT is the REAR of the ship.  Even tho Man was in the Navy, I WAS NOT!!!  So, I needed to say, Bow to Stern, or something like that according to Wikipedia.  (Apparently, owning a pontoon boat does not educate me either!  LOL)

I was tired when I wrote the post, but, truthfully, not sure that would have helped with the naval terms!  LOL

Yes, we stayed in the rodeo campground.  We unhooked.  We will stay one more night, and then it will be time to head Big Butt and Tana south again.

And, truthfully, it was not the needing to unhook that stuck in our craw (TennLady, is THAT the right term??  LOL) - - it was the snipy remark from the campground worker.

But, always looking to make lemonade outta the lemons - - we are heading out in Big Butt, Waffle House, here we come!  Our first, this trip!

* Graphic courtesy of wikipedia

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TennLady said...

My daddy used to say that stuck in his craw - and he was from Missouri. Go figure.