Sunday, November 15, 2009

84th Carnival of Genealogy, What the Carnival Has Meant to Me.

The theme of the 84th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is "What the Carnival of Genealogy Has Meant To Me" and focuses on the creative writing aspects of COG posts.  This Carnival is kindly hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene.
I am rather new to blogging, only been at it since April of this year. I discovered carnivals and other blog challenges after that. My first challenge blog post was written in July.

My first Carnival of Genealogy entry was Ride 'Em Cowboy, 78th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, mid August 2009.

Since then I also participated in the 79th Carnival of Genealogy, Carnival of Family Reunions, Lashbrook style; Carnival of Genealogy, 80th Edition, Family Fun, at the Amusement Park; and the Carnival of Genealogy, 83rd Edition—Musical Instruments.

I enjoy reading all the entries, (there are some wonderful entries by a lot of great bloggers) but, to me the most valuable part of any challenge, is the process it takes to write an entry. The process ALWAYS includes some serious review, research and verifying. And, it seems, the process ALWAYS turns up some new information. It also makes me look at what I have with fresh eyes. I have to take what I know, and put it into the written word in a manner that will interest my readers, not put them to sleep! I review all my photos, what would work, what would the story be? Fresh eyes and new information, as they say, SWEET!

I firmly believe that even researchers that do not blog can benefit from reading blogs and these challenges. Try it sometime, take the subject of one of these challenges, and then try to answer the challenge. Do the review of your data and photos or other graphics, then do some more research. For example, the 79th Carnival, Family Reunions, what do you know about your family reunions? What else can you learn about them? You might be surprised where this fresh approach to your research may lead you.  I have yet to meet a researcher that cannot benefit from looking at his or her research in a different way.

This is my 5th Carnival of Genealogy submission. This post will also be shared with the Lenawee County Family Researchers for inclusion in their newsletter, for sharing and learning.

To all that research, I challenge you to trying out a carnival!  You don't have to publish it, just try it!  Good luck, I know you will enjoy the experience.


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