Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lookie what the wind blew in - -

Friday was wet here, VERY VERY wet!  We got the call Friday AM that Tana was ready to come home, but, the road was a tad swampy.  We decided we really did not want Tana and Big Butt home if they had to arrive with mud up to their armpits!  (We live on a gravel road, 1.5 miles, more or less, off a paved road). 

Sooooo, we arranged to have keys to Big Butt locked inside, and told Larry we might come get her over the weekend, depending on weather, and life (see post script *).

Late Friday the rain stopped and the wind started.  I am not a huge fan of wind, but, this time it dried out the road amazingly well.  Saturday early AM Man was out there looking over the turf and the road bed, pronounced it Tana and Big Butt driveable. Next stop, Larry's Body Shop.

Man checked out the repair, pronounced it as a "WOW", checked the roof, storage bays and everything we could think of, had a quick chat with Larry and brought Tana home.  Here she is, coming up the drive.

And here is her repaired corner:

Man and I would like to thank Larry and his fine team of technicians of Larry's Body Shop for the fast service.  Larry is a really great guy, considerate and compassionate.  He was great to deal with, very responsive.  Thank you!!

Thank you to our Mr. Bad Business Man for being an honorable dude!  You said you would pay for Tana's repair and you did!  Man says he will see you next when Tana needs new brakes!  (But, we know you will understand if Man backs her into your repair facility.)  Mr BBM can now be known as Mr. Honorable Business Man!  Thank you!

* Life - - tosses stuff at cha!  Our Mr. Gallagher was very sick this week, and Friday was the worst day, I did not feel I could leave him and he was way to sick to drag around in a car.   By Saturday AM I had him stable and was able to leave him for a couple of hours to go get Tana.  Saturday retrieval day for Tana worked out very nicely.  Thanks Larry for understanding.



Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see that sometimes people actually do the honorable thing. Your experience once again renews my faith that folks will do the right thing.

I happy to hear that Mr. Gallagher is better as well as your Tana! You are now ready to hit the road. Hope to see you in Q in January.

Happy trails.

Karen said...

Wow, that's some repair job! And best of all, Mr. Honorable Business Man took care of his responsiblity...nothing like a happy ending. :)