Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Naval Aviation Museum

Yesterday, we started out to visit Orange Beach Alabama, and after some driving around, stopping for one cemetery tucked away on a back road (just cause I saw it and wanted to stop), and stopping for lunch, we ended up in Pensacola Florida.  With no real plan, we decided on a whim, to head to the National Museum of Naval Aviation at the Pensacola Naval Base.

After clearing the security booth and getting some directions, we spent several enjoyable hours wandering around the museum.  We did not take a lot of time to seriously study the many fine fine displays, but, just absorbed and enjoyed.  Took many photos of planes, and a few helicopters.  Sometimes it is just nice to just wander and not work at it too hard. 

Got to see a few Blue Angel airplanes hanging.  OKKK, since Man was a Navy dude, I probably am a bit prejudiced, but, aren't they beautiful??

I kinda liked this photo:

After our pleasant visit at the museum, we drove over to the site of the Pensacoa Lighthouse, oldest lighthouse site on the Gulf Coast.  They only have tours on Saturdays and on special Wednesdays so, I took my photo and we headed back to Tana.

When Man read Keakyft's post from last night, he found a typo/mis-spelling.  Now, that is no surprise!  LOL.  Next thing I knew he had found this video of the song, Anchors Aweigh, and I found this trailer for the original movie, Anchors Aweigh.  Both courtesy of YouTube.  Just gotta love it!

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