Monday, November 23, 2009

Travel Surprises - - Papa's Pizza

Every once in a while in our Tana travels, we find a delightful surprise, usually having to do with food, as in Travel surprises - - Alex's.

Yesterday we went out for some shopping, needed a few things, like yogurt, Dannon Vanilla All Naturals in the 32 ounce container, thank you very much!  (Had a little trouble finding same in Gulf Shores, but I have overcome!)

Anyway, we decided to run over to the shopping plaza (Pinnacle Craft's Farms) near here, cannot be much more than a mile away.  Target, that french store, is the big name.  There is also a Books-a-Million, and of course, lots of smaller shops. 

Man and I wandered in and out of several of the stores, window shopping, as they say.  Even though we had lunch before we left Tana, we found ourselves, well, hungry.  We strolled down towards two eatery signs.  Believe one was a coffee shop. They had a number of patrons in there and a sign on the door, CLOSED.  So, we went next door, to Papa's Pizza.  Ordered the Pepperoni Roll, which we shared.  It was excellent! Full of cheese, loaded with pepperoni, and the wrapping/crust was crisp on the outside and not heavy or thick.

We WILL revisit Papa's Pizza.


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lindalee said...

I could eat pizza everyday....I think....