Monday, November 16, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Gulf Shores, Alabama

We are on our way to Arizona for the winter, but, our first stop is in Gulf Shores Alabama.  We are staying at the Gulf Breeze RV Resort.  Here is our campsite:

And, this is the view out my 'office' window.

At times there are ducks and late today I saw a Egret walking the shore line.

Have heard it can get muddy if it rains a lot, they had Ida last week, so that is enough rain for a while.  Maybe?? LOL  If it rains, I shall look out the office window and enjoy the pond and wet critters, NOT a problem.

* We shovel snow in Michigan, down here they still shovel white stuff, only it is sand.  Good ole Mother Nature!

**1000 miles from stick built, run into good friends John & Donna at the local Wal*Mart.  Ya just gotta love it!

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lindalee said...

I wondered where you were heading....the final destination. Never been to Arizona.