Sunday, November 22, 2009

MRUA follow up

After posting my post for last night's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Who is your MRUA, (the search for my Most Recent Unknown Ancestor)  I did indeed hit Ancestry and a LOT of other web sites trying to find out more about Mary, wife of Edward Dews.  I did not find one new thing about Mary.  I searched again for anything new about any of her children.  I did not find anything new, EXCEPT for daughter, Elizabeth, known as Lizzie. 

Elizabeth (Lizzie) married Franklin (Frank) P. Creekmur, or as I found it more frequently spelled, Creekmore.  Late last evening, after several quite frustrating hours of researching with no hits, I found probable burial information for Frank and Lizzie.  I found them both listed as buried at Elmwood & Cedar Grove Cemeteries, E. Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, Virginia, their lot information indicates they are buried close to each other, I think, side by side.  I added memorials for these two at Find A Grave and have requested photos of the graves.  I will see if I can find a kind soul to look for obituaries, since I have full dates of either the death or burial.  I will revisit available dates for death records and see if I can obtain a death record or death certificate.

Thanks to the USGenWeb Archives Virginia for the fine collection of cemetery records for Norfolk Virginia.  Thanks to Randy of Genea-Musings for the subject of Saturday Night Genealogy Fun that pushed me to review this family.  Did not find more about Mary, but, I will take this "find" on a family that has been a tough search.

*Memorials for Lizzie and Frank can be found at Find A Grave.

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