Friday, November 20, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Fort Morgan Alabama

Yesterday Man and I drove out to Fort Morgan, where I took the photos of the Great Blue Heron and the Blue Angels.  We toured the museum and the fort.  Fort Morgan is steeped in history, specifically Civil War History.  Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about Fort Morgan.

I took LOTS of photos, but, of course, how could you not, all that great architecture and interesting photo ops.  I have uploaded 20 of my favorites here, you can do a slide show or look at one photo at a time.  I added some limited captions/comments.

We saw oil rigs!  LOTS of oil rigs.  You know, you read about them in the paper, you hear about them on the news, but, I had NO idea how close they were to land, and how MANY of them there were.  This photo was taken down near Fort Morgan.

We enjoy driving around when we are in a new area, taking it all in, learning, observing, filling up on the atmosphere (as well as the local food!).  Ida paid a visit here, it hit hard in Mobile Bay.  A campground, that is on Mobile Bay, lost it's fishing pier.  The manager of the campground made a remark that they had been through several hurricanes, and tropical storm Ida took out their pier.

We drove along the Gulf side, looking at the houses, the beach, and a few more oil wells. We got a close up look at the sand Ida blew around.  This close up shot shows piles of sand behind the house and the parking areas under the house plowed out.  They plow sand, we are used to seeing snow plowed like this.

I'll leave you today with one more photo, it is not really a "Fence", but, I loved the shadows, the angles. When I saw it, I immediately thought, Reflections From the Fence.

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