Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home is where you park it, so, where do you park?

Wanting to go RVing is a given in this household.   At this time of the year, there is no question which way we want to head - - SOUTH!!

These days Man and I find ourselves "flying by the seat of our pants" a lot.  In other words, head Big Butt and Tana in a direction and then, sorta let the trip happen.

But, at some point we need to decide which route to take, I ways or not (I 69 or I 75 or not, in which case we run US highways).  We know we want to drive around 250 miles a day.  So, once we debate the benefits of all the possible routes, we need to check out possible stops.  As in, campgrounds.  Course, a lot of the northern campgrounds will be or have closed already.  So, there is another limiting factor.  Which campgrounds along the possible routes are open, have sites large enough for Big Butt and Tana?  (We rarely unhook when we are running hard, our longest record so far is 8 days running without unhooking.)

Man has decided he wants to run I 75 via Cincinnati and onward to Nashville.  Interestingly, about half way is also Cincinnati. 

I am looking for campgrounds that fit our parameters.  I'll let ya know, however, at the moment, I am a tad frustrated by the search.  Ohio State Parks limit the number of dogs you have to two.  Hmmmm, wonder if they would buy it that mine are so small that even put together they don't make one decent sized pooch??

OK, back to my maps and campground programs and contemplation - - this is important stuff ya know!

Home is where you park it, so where do you park it??

*Isn't it wonderful to be frustrated because you have to find a place to park Big Butt and Tana!  WAHOOOOOO!!

**Graphic courtesy of Icons, Etc.


lindalee said...

Now, now....I'm a Buckeye! Flipside has bestowed the new Kreative Blogger award to Reflections from the Fence. You can pick it up over at Flipside...http://lindasflipside.blogspot.com/2009/11/new-kreative-blogger-award-thanks-lori.html

Deez said...

Ahaha...I was coming here to bestow the same award...http://cemeteryexplorers.blogspot.com/2009/11/cemetery-explorers-has-received.html

I'm not retracting it...I'm stickin to my guns. Linda, great minds think alike...

Nita said...

Carol, Re: Ohio State Parks, your dogs are small, so they only equal one or two dogs, right!? LOL. If you don't take more than 2 out at a time, who would know!? I know, I know, it's not honest, but it's not really fair either! Can't say I wouldn't be tempted! LOL