Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Nashville

It was one of those super duper weather days here in Nashville. Blue skies, warm sun, mild temps, no wind, SWEET! Rather than sit in Tana in the rodeo campground, we decided to take a few hour ride downtown.

We were not trying too hard, just found a parking spot for Big Butt, strolled down to 2nd Avenue and putzed away the time. We saw the Hard Rock Cafe, we saw, did not go in.

Wildhorse Saloon, did go in, had a beer, and took some cool photos, see:

Above, hanging near the stage.

Above, who needs a sign that says, Women??

Above:  Yep, he guides the fellas to the Men's Room.

Now, you are gonna have to work with me on this one, these full size horse statues are hanging from the ceiling, their hoofs are ON the ceiling, and they are hanging upside down.  Man said I could not get a photo, so, I had to try!  I really did not think I got anything, but, with the magic of a little digital editing, here ya go!

We saw one of Loretta Lynn's saddles, had a sandwich at Jack's Bar B Que (mine was great, Man's was so so). 

Goodness, we even saw ELVIS!


lindalee said...

Well, you gave me a good laugh with those bathroom horses....thanks ;-) I missed out on Nashville....we were slated to go from our timeshare in Crossville, TN, several years back, but I had way too many long island ice teas, and got, how shall I put this we cancelled Nashville. On other trips south, I have "tried" to drive through it on is very confusing. Blog on Carol. I'm enjoying this tour.

Karen said...

You didn't have Man take your picture with Elvis?? lol! Looks like a great place.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! Fun place.