Monday, November 16, 2009

The campground of characters, Prattville Alabama

Nashville Tennessee will long be remembered as the rodeo campground.

Prattville Alabama will be remembered as the character campground. Full of characters, RVs AND humans! This campground is associated with a RV trailer sales business. It is close to the expressway, therefore is an easy on/off for travelers at the end of a long travel day. They have full hookups, 50 AMP service on some of the sites, and the rates are reasonable. This guarantees that RV's running south (and I suppose north) will flock in, stay for a night, and depart. There are also a number of full timers there, they stay for months, maybe even longer.

There is an eclectic gathering of RV's, old, new, newest, oldest and one plain ole decrepid!  Here are a few examples of the rigs we saw.

Above, a great tow, new, shiny, and powerful, needs it, he is toting a heavy unit!

Older Motor Home, someone out enjoying life.

This guy is hauling toys in the very back, motorcycles maybe ATV's.
Playing hard!

Above, this beauty was parked right next to us.  No kidding!!  And, someone WAS living in it.  We did not get a chance to meet whomever, they stayed in the back of the rig during the daylight hours, closed door at night.  Quite the hermit.

The campers we did get a chance to chat with during our brief stay were also characters, each with a story, each eclectic.  As the rigs, some were old, some were new, some were worn out, but still managing to hold on to life.   They all seemed to be enjoying whatever they had to the fullest degree.

This stop was well worth the price of admission. 


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TennLady said...

Hope they aren't manufacturing Meth in that old camper?