Monday, November 23, 2009

Living in Tana, Yorkie Grooming

Just cause we are living in Tana for the next few months does not mean we don't have every day chores to do, the garbage still needs to go out, gotta do laundry and sweep the carpet now and then  And, yorkies need grooming. 

Here is how we accomplish the yorkie grooming.  Our not so willing, but, lovely model and narrator for the event, is Miss Tilly.

Above: First step, trimming ears (and paws) and total comb out.

Here I am helping Carol remove one of those nasty
sand burrs, right by my mouth.  Carol is good, got it out with no pain.

Uck, the wet part, soak me up and then suds me up,
and then rinse me clean.  A little cream rinse on the side please.

NOW, this is living, all clean, cuddling with Carol while I towel dry.

Yikes, the big doggie dryer is back in Michigan, so Carol uses
the portable dryer.  Ok, I'll fess up, I don't particularly like the dryer, period!

Here I am clean, dry, combed out and a fresh band
to hold my hair out of my eyes.  Glad that is over!

Thank you Tilly, you were such a good girl during your grooming session.

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lindalee said...

Ready for that dog fancy magazine layout.