Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, The Great Blue Heron Story

Gotta tell the story, on Man and Moi and this heron.

We were at Fort Morgan, visited the museum, the Fort, looking out at Mobile Bay, taking it all in.  There is a place where you can walk down to the Bay, and, so, we did.  About 25 feet off the walk way, we spot this heron.  I start taking photos, and at some point, because this heron does NOT move, Man comes to the conclusion it is fake.  We enjoy birding, but, we are NO experts believe me, so you can fool us easy enough.

So, we go down to the waters edge and chat with a fisherman, have a lookie see at his catch, take some more photos of oil rigs in Mobile Bay and driftwood and then turn to return to Big Butt.  As we pass the heron we barely look at it, cause, I mean, it is a fake, right??

All of a sudden I hear this squawking sound, turn around and I see our FAKE heron turning around 180 degees to face the east instead of the west. (I guess one must sun bathe in all directions, eh??  LOL)

So, I go back and take a few more photos with my 12 times zoom.

First 2 photos were taken when heron is facing west, last photo when heron is facing east.

All photos taken from pretty much the same spot on the walk way.

No Man, this heron is NOT a fake!

*Found this page of data on great blue herons.

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Greta Koehl said...

What fabulous pictures! We see them around here sometimes; they don't see to be too intimidated by people.