Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Community Cemetery, Orange Beach, Alabama

Also known as Bear Point Cemetery.  Quaint, quiet, calming.

Bear Point Cemetery entries at Find a Grave.


lindalee said...

I have a feeling we will now see cemetery listings as you swing through the south. Turkey dinner in the RV? I do want photos of it. Thanksgiving Blessings to you, Man and the Yorkies.

Carol said...

Could be on the cemeteries. I spied this one tucked in off the road, had Man turn around and go back. I took photos of the oldest stones, and came home (to Tana) to see if they were on FAG, they were. If they had not, I would have added memorials.

I only have to cook sweet potatos for the turkey day dinner, the campground has a huge dinner/pot luck. They provide the turkey and hams, campers provide the sides. Will be GOOD eatting!

Have a wonderful holiday Linda!

Nita said...

I love looking at old cemeteries. I found out about an old cemetery near home where many of my anscestors were. It was named Harrington Hill Cemetery and it has mostly Harringtons buried there. Very old and unfortunately has not been well cared for over the years.

Sounds like Thanksgiving will be really nice. I have heard they do that at some campgrounds and I think it's a great idea. Less cooking for you, and I'm sure good company as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Moi and Man!!!