Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spelling Don’t Count, Even in Indexing, Save Me Please!

In my quest for Dews and Creekmores, I went back to Ancestry this AM. I was particularly interested in the Creekmore clan in the 1930 census. Looking specifically for Lloyd and Essie Creekmore, I knew they should be in Norfolk Virginia . My searches for Creekmore or even Creekm* were falling flat. No hits. Well, not for Lloyd and Essie. So, in semi-desperation, I searched for Essie, no surname, born Virginia, living in Norfolk County Virginia. Click search! Almost the first hit on my results was for Essie Aukerman. Age was within decent parameters - - in other words, close enough to catch my attention. So, I hovered over the entry and was not so surprised, but happy to find, Loyd, Essie, Loyd (son) and Essie (daughter). Well, my my.

The extraction for the index reads (noting I edited out some information):

1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Loyd H Aukerman
Home in 1930: Norfolk, Norfolk (Independent City), Virginia
Age: 50
Estimated birth year: abt 1880
Birthplace: Virginia
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Essie
Race: White
Household Members: Name Age
Loyd H Aukerman 50
Essie Aukerman 41
Loyd H Aukerman 13
Essie E Aukerman 11
Carrol W Aukerman 6
Walter E Bishop 21
Carncher E Newsome 69

Goodness, this is my Creekmore clan, indexed as Aukerman. Here is image, enhanced with Photoshop, but, NOT altered in content. I see Creekmore. Ok, the handwriting leaves some to be desired, do you hear the understated sarcasm?

A classic example of spelling don’t count, even in indexing. Oh, save me please!

* Special thank you to friend and reseacher Amy, who read my other posts on Mary Dews and subsequent research attempts on the Creekmore connection and forwarded me some additional information.  Thanks so very much Amy!

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