Friday, November 13, 2009

Lets talk accomodations, by Keakyfht

If you are gonna travel, you need accomodations.

Man and Carol, and those 3 yorkies travel in Tana.

So, you know I was curious about where I might stay over the next several months, so, I asked Carol.

She first showed me this possibility, I investigated:

Gotta say, I was not too impressed, especially when Carol showed me how she had to lock up the doors when in travel mode, can we spell "claustrophobic"?

After a short discussion, Carol agreed to let me ride in Big Butt for now.  Whew! Time to hit the road!


lindalee said...

I just want to know....where's the computer's home?

Carol said...

Baby HP, the tablet laptop computer lives at the end of my arms! HAHA. In Big Butt it rides on my lap as I work and surf, in Tana the Baby has it's own little desk where we work.

There is a photo of the inside of Tana here: