Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Observances, Alfred Leonard Lashbrook, AKA Alfred Leonard Keezer

Alfred was born November 25, 1888 in Nebraska according to his World War I Registration document.  Alfred's birth parents are unknown to this researcher.

Alfred was raised (adopted?) by Richard Alvin Lashbrook and his wife, Lemery Sevar Sharp Lashbrook.  Richard and Lemery raised (adopted) another child, Nevada May Pershall.  Both children were mentioned in Richard's will in 1932. In his father's probate file Albert is identified by three names, Alfred Keezer Lashbrook, Alfred Lashbrook, and Alfred Keezer.

Alfred was rather difficult to trace through internet available data bases.  He was found in the World War I Registration data base at  After many searches with both surnames and many spellings used, we did find him on the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census reports in California.  Spellings, our most wonderful friend and foe in family research: 1910 Alfred Keezer; 1920 Alfred L. Kezer; and 1930 indexed as Alfred Keyer, but this researcher saw the surname as Keezer.

A. L. Keezer of the Arrow Head Mine filed an Affidavit of Labor & Improvements on Mining Claims, Shasta County, California in Books 1 - 7, 1891 to 1941 as follows:  Interest, recorded in 1931-32; Affidavit signed June 1, 1932; P7-470 filed June 2, 1932 (All in book 6).

Alfred died on March 4, 1937.

A kind volunteer, Robin Bills located and transcribed the short death notice she found in "The Searchlight Redding", Shasta Co., California, Friday, March 5, 1937.

"Alfred Kezzer, aged 45, passed on Thursday night at the county hospital. He was a resident of Whiskeytown.  Kezzer, an exserviceman, is survived by his widow, Mrs. Thelma Kezzer, and one child. Funeral arrangements, in charge of the Home Undertaking Company, are pending."

Alfred, left, World War I era.

Alfred's photo was kindly shared by Linda J. Harney, a descendant of Nevada May Peshall Lashbrook Merrck.  I have digitally edited this photo by cropping.  The original photo was of both Alfred and Nevada.

*Descendants of both Alfred and Nevada speak of their ancestor's adoption by the Lashbrooks.  I have not located any "formal" adoption papers, YET.  In my research I have found that in this time frame (pre-1900) many children were adopted and raised without benefit of  "formal" papers. 


hummer said...

You are back on the Lashbrooks. Tell me if you can figure out about the adoption. I think that may have been what happened to my George Porter.
Good Post.

Carol said...

Man's great grandmother was similarly "adopted". I actually have some court documents on her, her mother sued father/ex-hubby for full custody. But, NOTHING about adoption. Was told the adoption files were closed, even though this was 1870.

Don said...

I am doing research for a granddaughter of Nevada Pershall Lashbrook Merrick. Nevada died in Ponca City, Ok. in 1972. Her granddaughter is 87 yrs old and wanted me to get her family genealogy down on paper. She is going to give it to her grandson (40 yrs.old) for his birthday in March. Nevada wrote down and recorded the story of her life which is amazing. If you have information that you feel like sharing, it would be appreciated. She told about being given to the Lashbrooks when she was six with a "paper stating they would give food, clothing and education". Nevada's mother had died in childbirth and her father was ill. He gave away the eleven children and went to an army hospital. Many years later he died of accidental gunshot wound in New Mexico. I am a friend trying to help this granddaughter. She has macular degeneration and cannot see much but some gray outer edges. Thanks for your time. Sandra Copeland

Carol said...

Sandra, your public profile is not enabled, there is no way that I see to contact you. I hope you will revisit and see that I would indeed like to chat with you about Nevada. Go up to my profile, click and snoop around till you find my email contact information. Contact me that way. I am sorry for the delay, I just found your comment. Your comments indicate to me just about what I thought had happened, no official adoption papers, very very common in that time frame. Hope to hear from you again.

Photocrazy said...

Alfred Keezer was born in Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska, the son of Lyman Lawerence Keezer and Lucy Lovina Potter. He had 2 brothers Arthur Marion Keezer and Louis Ernest Keezer and one sister Minnie Keezer she died at the age of 7 months in 1890. Lucy and Lyman divorced and he took the boys to an orphanage in Lincoln Nebraska about 1894 when Arthur was 7. Each of the boys were taken in by different families. Arthur, my grandfather, went to the Christner family in Hayes County Nebraska. Arthur was never legally adopted, he was taken at the age of 7 as a farm worker and ran away when he was 14. I have my Keezer line posted on


Carol said...

Thank you Terri.