Friday, January 28, 2011

THE Trip, Tombstone Arizona to Brenda Arizona and Onward to Quartzsite Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

We are sad to leave Tombstone behind, with it's hokey history and beautiful mountains, but we take great memories.

We headed north out of Tombstone on SR 80 to Benson.  At Benson we rejoined I 10 west, passing through Tucson,  and Casa Grande, where we jumped on I 8.

I 8 to Gila Bend, where we turn north, this time on SR 85.  SR 85 north for about 35 miles, give or take, where we again jump on I 10 west.  This little Gila Bend detour, is called the Bypass by many, and does indeed bypass Phoenix.  Later in our trip we hope to return to these areas we just skirted around and stop and visit and see things and learn more.

We drive west once again on I 10 about 63 miles to Exit 31, take US 60 north east for about 4 miles to Brenda Arizona.  Our total drive today was about 314 miles.

We stayed in Brenda for one night, did some last minute laundry, rested, filled Tana's fresh water tanks with water and finished our "mind set" for our first long term boondocking experience in the Arizona desert.

We spent the night at Black Rock RV Park in the longest campsite we have ever had, 100 feet long!  Nope, we did not have to unhook there!  Amazing, and level too!  WOW!

The next day about noon we pulled out of our campsite at Black Rock RV Park, heading 30 miles or so down the road to the BLM land.  We took US 6 back to I 10, west to Quartzsite where we took 95 north out of town about 6 miles to Plomosa Road or what is also known as Bouse-Quartzsite Road.

A right turn on Bouse-Quartzsite Road, and not quite 3 miles later, we arrived at the Circling of the Montanas and began a new experience.

From that moment on until we decide we are pulling out, we shall live with limited water, and power from a generator.  During the night Tana's batteries shall provide limited light and power to run the furnace and refrigerator.  This is where you learn to shower with just a few gallons of water and wash dishes with a quart or two.  There is no WalMart closer than 40 miles.  No Target, Sears, JC Penney, no Office Max. There is, however, a bookstore in town, I understand the proprietor is a nudist.  There are flea markets galore, a mineral show or two while we are here and there is a trailer show.

In the next few days, I will share some photos with you, this is one unusual and fascinating place, I can tell you that!


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Mary said...

Been to Quartzsite many times...I can remember when it was a one fast-food restraunt town. McDonald's was/is the meeting place for all! Now I think there is a burger king, dairy queen, and a carl's jr. Never had a desire to stay there more than a half hour :)