Sunday, January 16, 2011

THE Trip, Chili Hot Peppers and the Ride of a Life...

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Yes indeedy, we were out once more with Gene and Daisy.  We had been at the Farmers Market in Las Cruces, had lunch, and were headed to Elephant Butte Dam when Gene spied a chili field being harvested.  Gotta go see this, he says, you need photos of this, he says.  So, we went.

We drove down the worst road, err, path, I believe I have ever been on.  We were in a 4 wheel drive truck (in 2 wheel drive at this point) and we slowly bounced down that path about 25 feet.  I grabbed a couple of pretty good photos out of the window of the truck and would have been happy to have Daisy back that truck out and been on our way to Elephant Butte.

But, Gene, being a bit of a gregarious type, just a bit gregarious, wanted to have a little chat with the farm help and wanted to let us get a photo of the chili plants BEFORE the chilis were picked.  So, we bounced down the side road, err, path of the chili patch even further, until, oooops, we realized there was no way out.  Daisy was a bit distressed, moaning a bit about how WAS she going to back out all that way.  I had NO idea!  And, I offered NO suggestions.

Man and Gene obtained said photos (ya, every once in a while I let Man use the Sony, plus getting out of that truck to take photos would have sent me so far out of my comfort zone, I don't like cold calls either, but I digress).

So, photos snapped, conversations done - -

It came time that we needed to turn the truck around or somehow get out of that chili field.  From outside, Gene directed Daisy, turn the wheel so, drive forward to here (pointing).  No, don't gun it Daisy (wheels spinning as if we were in 2 foot of snow and ice).  Turn the wheel a little this way - - - by now we are no longer on the "road, but, half way into the chili field, at almost a 90 degree angle to the "road".

AND, MMMMM, we are like sorta stuck, in a chili field, in ruts that appear to be small, but, in reality are BIG, and those ruts, mmm, swallow trucks!  Nahh, just seemed that way.

Daisy and Gene change positions, Man suggests engaging 4 wheel drive.  MMM, Gene has never done that before, then remembers ya have to do so from outside the truck.  Gene climbs out, engages the 4 wheel drive, climbs back in, and away we go.  Only it was more like up, up, up and away!  Gene hit the top of the first furrow and dropped (HARD) into the next divit, then, varoom, to the top and bottom of several more furrows we went.  Items on the dash hit the windshield and fell into my lap or onto the floor boards.  Man was in the back seat, bouncing.  He swears his head hit the roof.  I have no idea why, but I got the giggles, which rapidly turned into hysterical, "hold my sides, I am gonna" (well, gotta say it this way) "pee my pants I am laughing so hard" laughter.

Up, down, up, down, bang, that ole (err, new) 4 wheel drive took us out of that chili field all right, and there has never been a carnival ride that was any more thrilling or bouncy!

And, that my friends is how I came to have these photos of the harvest in a chili field, and a story to tell as well.

Above, row after row of picked chili peppers.  The peppers are in those bags.  The peppers left on the plants are not of any value.

Above, a chili plant that has not been picked.

* Believe this field was near Hatch New Mexico. recognized as the Chili Capitol of the World.  Read all about their Chili Festival, and lots of other fun chili facts.

** I featured a photo of chilis at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market on Flora and Fauna, here.



Michelle Goodrum said...

GREAT story. I was laughing along with you as I am very familiar with the furrows you are speaking of.

I've never seen a chili still on the plant. Cool.

PalmsRV said...

A Chili-ing story.

Hows the Millenicom working out for you?

Nolichucky Roots said...

LOVE it! I had no idea the peppers dried on the plant. We all need a Gene & Daisy in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff Carol - I've never seen chilis growing :-) Jo