Friday, January 14, 2011

THE Trip, Got Ribs and Our Own "Brand"

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Gene and Daisy continued showing us the town, err, Las Cruces.  Several "stops" have been to restaurants, we all know how Man loves to eat, and B-B-Q is one of his favorites!

One of our stops was here:

When it looks this good cooking, how can it be anything but OUTTA THIS WORLD FABULOUS???  Answer - - IT CAN'T!!

What a fun place to eat!  Outside that great smoky smell waifs around you as you enter.  Inside, you are encouraged to sign the walls, they even provide the markers.  Gene (originally being a Texan) has designed a brand for Daisy and him, and with just a little persuasion, designed one for us.

Above the door as you leave:

I had pulled pork, it was as good as any I have ever had.  Man had brisket, he informed us it was VERY good!

Again, thanks to Daisy and Gene, that was MMM MMM good.

*  Special thanks to Lindsey, chief cook at the Rib Shack and his darling waitress, Amorette.  We so enjoyed chatting with you, and did I say, the food was great??  Well, it was GREAT!!!!

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Lori E said...

Snarly comments? Really? Shame on them.
I can just imagine the aromas. It is 4 AM here and I am now craving pulled pork. Don't think I will find any.