Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sharing a Slice of Life, Winter Fun

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Over at Sharing a Slice of Life the challenge this week is, Winter Fun. 

In my youth (ya, at some time I was young) I did not mind winter too much (boy has that changed, sighh).  There was sledding, ice skating, snow man building. 

Man and I even did some cross country skiing and snowmobiling AND winter camping at Gaylord Michigan sometime in the early 1990's.  See, here is the van and the trailer and the SNOW!

Now, let me tell you, camping in that kind of weather takes some planning, cause back in them thar days, you did not have water connections at your rig in Gaylord Michigan in the winter.  But, the bath house had heat and hot hot water!  I digress, that is a blog post for another day - -

When I read the challenge, the very first photo I thought of was this one of Son # 1 (on the left), Son # 2 (in the middle) and a neighbor boy (right) jumping from snow banks and enjoying every moment of being a child and experiencing the what the "Detroit News" shows as the second most snowy snow storm in the greater Detroit area (we lived nearby).  19.2 inches of snow fell on December 1 to 2, 1974. 

Boys, snow banks taller than they were, and a photo, lots of winter fun.  Ah, memories!


TennLady said...

Yeah, I remember that storm. Occasional snow showers, with little accumulation is what they predicted.

Karen said...

What a pile of snow! Every kids' dream, every adult's nightmare! lol

Apple said...

Camping in the snow on purpose!

I don't know what there is about snow piles but you can't keep kids off them. Great picture, it just shouts FUN.

Texasblu said...

Another great post. My kids wish we'd get snow like that here - I'm perfectly happy with 1-2 inches at a time! :)

hummer said...

Okay I am slow. You all are so brave camping in the snowy time of the year. Looks like this year will be right up there with 1974 as a snowy year.
Glad you are south right now. ;)