Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Air Card Saga Continues, Ancestor Approved Again, Thursday Trivia

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Many thanks to Cynthia Shenette of Heritiage Zen for awarding Reflections the Ancestor Approved Award.  I am so humbled by all the recent kudos for Reflections by the GeneaBlogger community.  (See previous posts for my 10 comments.)

Man is working on several solutions to the “slow as a tortoise” internet, we spent several hours yesterday in El Paso Texas (about 35 miles south of here) at the Sprint store.  The short version of the hours spent, Man wanted them to make some updates to the card which we could not do because, mmm, we don't have a PCMCIA card slot on either of the computers.

(I went looking for a graphic/photo of a PCMCIA card to share with you, and found out that stood for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association - - who knew??  I'll bet Man knew, LOL)

ANYWHO, Man thought the air card may have been bricked during the update process (as in burnt up, killed, ruined, no worka ever again cause the electronics are zapped).  Can we say tense??

A phone call to another tech office, somewhere, they re-activated the entire card, the updates were attempted another time or two, and now, it works, again/still, sighhh.  Is it any faster?  Well, last night it was not.

Man has also investigating some new month to month options with Verizon.  He is waiting for a new air card to arrive, hopefully this week.  My, my, we are about to be a 2 air card family, maybe.  First we need to get the new V card and see if it works, or how it works.  Man is fairly confident it will be fine.  Then, we need to decide just what we will do about the S card.

Don’t cha just LOVE technology??

The saga continues, Carol cannot be without her internet, no she cannot!

*Photo of PCMCIA card courtesy of Wikipedia and Ansbaradigeidfran.


IrishEyesJG said...

Hi Carol, sorry to hear of the ongoing techie troubles. I am reminded of that graphic you posted a while back with the woman about to shoot her computer. Hope all improves soon.

Complete segue: wouldn't it be cool to research a surname such as Ansbaradigeidfran?

Keep smiling, Jennifer.

Southwest Arkie said...

My sil has V. He is a truck driver. Hope your new card works better than your old!

Carol said...

Much of our issues can be understood by looking at service maps for V & S. V is red all over the west. S is white in many of those same areas. Red is coverage, white is NONE.

That said, in the stick built NOTHING but S would work, and that is why we have it.

This has been a good thing, we are learning of new services and all kinds of interesting thing. How bad can it be when we are learning something new?? Not bad at all!

Nolichucky Roots said...

Love the sunny optimism Carol! I'm following this with interest since I'll be on the road a good bit this year.

Becky said...

Carol, hope you write a follow-up on how the V card is doing. I'm actually considering getting some kind of internet connection when I get back on the road... whenever. Previously was relying on wifi where ever I could find it. Not fun.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I agree Carol, No you CANNOT be without your internet. How would all of us who are living The Trip vicariously through you keep up? lol