Tuesday, January 18, 2011

THE Trip, We are Gonna Boondock, Say WHAT??

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Man and I are heading into Quartzsite Arizona for a Boondocking MOC Rally.  I have mentioned this a few times, and now, it is TIME!

Friends tell me I should have internet with that new air card, and cell phone service as well.  While we were in Tombstone our Sprint phones had a tough couple of days, ate the batteries up with all that roaming and searching for service.  We hope it will be a bit better in Quartzsite.

I have a few posts pre-written and scheduled, lets see how Blogger treats me.  LOL

OK, Man and I are stepping out of our comfort zones, into uncharted territory for us, BLM land, Quartzsite, and unknown techy connectivity! We will also be meeting some MOC members we have not met yet (WAHHOOO).   If you don't hear from us for a couple of weeks, we are either lost in the desert, or having WAYYYY toooooo much fun!  Let the learning and fun begin!

* Definitions:  BLM Land, Bureau of Land Management Land.  In some places, and apparently the area around Quartzsite is one of these places, RVers can get off the beaten track, onto the desert, and into some free camping.  Only catch(es), no power, no water, no hookups, a few critters may be your neighbors, coyottes and mmmm, well, we are gonna find out.

Boondocking:  living or camping in your RV without water hookups or a tethered electric cord.  Park that RV where ever your little heart desires.  Quiet generators are real nice to have, charge those RV batteries up during the day.  Even better, are solar panels and a bank of extra batteries.  We have the generator, do NOT have the solar panels.

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Becky said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!! I've stayed on BLM a couple of times but they had privies, which was good since I don't have that type of facility with my setup!

Ron and Thelma said...

Am wondering how well the battery or batteries will hold up. I know a lot of the folks that boondock use more than one. Now would be a good time for a propane light in the camper like the old days Have fun

Carol said...

Thanks Becky, so far so good! No privies, but, lots of rigs!

Ron, we are not trying to do more than run the frig and furnace at night, and one small 12 volt light with the led bulb. We did a test run a week or so ago, 7 hours, furnace set for 62 (on a very cold night), battery life showed at 69% in the AM. Right now we are running a generator. Will turn it off about 10 PM, and on again in the AM to recharge the rig battery and fix my daily hit of coffee! LOL We are fairly confident we will be fine. Yes, multiple batteries are better, but this will be fine for the limited amount of time we figure we will be out here. Stay tuned, reports coming, sometime! LOL

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

If I only had an RV, I'd be there, too. LOL! Have fun and I will just have to settle with living vicariously through you.