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Saturday, January 22, 2011

THE Trip, Las Cruces to Tombstone Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our last morning in Las Cruces, I just happened to be up when the sun was creating a silhouette of the Organ Mountains.  I hurried down to the end of the campground and snapped away.

After a month here, as much as we enjoyed our stay in Las Cruces, we were ready to be on the road again.  We were under way by 10:15ish, heading west.  We drove I 10 all the way to Benson Arizona where we turned south on SR 80 and onward to Tombstone.

How's this for some scenery along I 10 just before we crossed into Arizona?  (Oh, and shot out the window at about 60 MPH too!  Ya, getting better at this, and ya, I take a lot of photos to get a good one.  You can see some glare in the top left corner of this photo from the windows, but, I'm reasonably happy with this shot.)

Before long we crossed the state lines, see:

We saw all kinds of signs like this one, go ahead, Google it!  Ya, a tourist trap.  I asked about it on Facebook and my friends suggested Man and I did not need to stop, so, we didn't!  LOL

Just before Benson Arizona there is a rest stop, should be renamed a "photo-op stop".

This photo will give you a bit of an idea of how large these formations really are, note the 18-wheelers below:

In Tombstone we met up with fellow MOC members and friends Nita and Al B.  They are on the way to Quartzsite as well, and we decided to meet at Tombstone and let the boys relive their youthful cowboy memories.  (Stay tuned for posts about shoot em up Tombstone and Boot Hill Cemetery and a ride in the mountains that was not what we expected - - - )

Our trip from Las Cruces New Mexico to Tombstone Arizona was about 250 miles.



Susan Clark said...

Going to miss your Organ Mountain photos, but you got a great one that last morning.

Nita said...

I have to say, I think I enjoyed it as much as the guys, and admit it Carol.....You did too!LOL! Seriously, it was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we got to experience it with you two!

Greta Koehl said...

Those rock formations are fascinating. Ya gotta wonder though, how the heck did they end up that way?